Monday, August 17, 2009

Rambling along... join me?

I cannot say exactly the point of this blog update if only for for updates sake. I have been pretty consistent lately (actually made two posts within 2 weeks of each other!) and so wanted to continue the trend. So this post has no particular destination or direction... (this means trouble, I can tell...)

I have to admit that now, with the prospect of contributing to the income of this little twosome of a family come September, I am becoming much more settled in the stay-at-home-ness that is my life. It might help that I spent the majority of Sunday catching up on neglected laundry, and seem to actually be getting some definable chores accomplished. My living room area is now a lovely shade of 'Wild Blue Yonder' while the couple (nine-ish) blue marks on the ceiling bother me minimally. My kitchen (though while not at the moment) is clean and actually nice looking for the most part... Malcolm did make pie though today and I have yet to clean that up. (P.S. the pie is VERY yummy *be jealous* lol) These may seem like little non-monumental things, but for anyone that knows me you will recognize the amazing leap that is for this devout clutter-butt. There is definitely many more chores that need to be seen to (that I am ignoring by being on the computer...) but as my Mother told me recently, I have to be proud of all of these little achievements. And so I share these little things with you!

I was mentioning in my last post that I was feeling nervous and unsure about the calling God had for me, and whether I would be able to achieve this plan. We discussed about how if you allow yourself to offer every act of what you do in your life to God as a vessel for Him to work through you, then it becomes less about what the Big Awesome Scary God Plan is and more about the spirit in which you live your life. I was reading one of the days in my devotional the other day and it spoke about prayer... about how it can be frustrating if you treat prayer as the waiting for an answer from God... like waiting for your friend to answer a question. God does not always work in your life in obvious and outright ways. Sometimes the way the God works through you, is only apparent in hindsight. For example:

For a time after I had returned from Disneyland with my husband, and life returned to the 'daily grind' there was this insistent voice in my head urging me to find work... any employ at all really. The field of Dental Reception seemed to be out of my reach and honestly not the right fit... so while applying for those I turned to the retail industry to soften my fall. I applied many places (from my home computer, no hitting the pavement for this lazy-butt) and never received a reply. The most I got was one company getting hold of me to let me know that they could not actually read the file I sent with my resume. After some converting on my part, and them kindly letting me know they could open it, the front again became silent. Then during a casual conversation, the idea to take over the daycare for my Goddaughter took root. After researching this and making sure that I was able to do this and have my girlfriend still receive her subsidy, as well as not needing to jump through a thousand hoops to get some kind of license, the idea lay fallow for two weeks. Then it became a actually tangible reality... these next few weeks were spent in preparation of having a little one here, and of deciding if this was part of the path I had agreed to follow as a Christ follower.
Then a few days ago I received a phone call from the same lady at the company who asked for my resume in a different format. Apparently my resume had gone 'somewhere' for two months and just recently came across her desk. She called it an impressive resume, and that they would like to set up a meeting with me if I was still interested, etc. So feeling totally flattered I had to reply that I was, unfortunately unavailable. The thing is that if my resume had not gone to that 'somewhere' that it did, and they had ended up offering me a job at that point 2 months ago I would probably have taken it. And then this amazing opportunity of looking after, building a relationship with and being a presence of Christ for Danika would have possibly never come along! And honestly, I think that I would have been miserable in 3 months tops had I returned to retail. So there God was, quietly steering me away from something that was not in His plan for me.
So I am excited to be planning and learning and being a leader again. I am part of a small home Christ community that has much potential and much wonderful spirit. I will soon be spending copious amounts of time with my hellion of a Goddaughter and look forward to the adventures we will have. I also look forward to the opportunity to live up to my mantle of Godmother and be a presence of Christ in her life (and maybe that of her mother's along the way...)

And on another note entirely.... The cast of 'The Guild' has a music video that came out on iTunes today... it has also been posted to their YouTube channel... I think you all should watch it (especially if you are gamers, know gamers, or [in my case] are married to a gamer. Also if you like Felicia Day... you *might* like this... lol) So go here to see the video... and check out the first two seasons of 'The Guild' while you are there!

not bad for a ramble post... If I do say so myself!

i *less than three* you

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