Monday, September 29, 2008

Ummm... almost roadkill, and before breakfast!

So , my husband worked at 6am this morning, and being the wonderful, loving, devoted, (modest) wife that I am I drove him to work. Now at quarter to 6 in the morning at this time of year, it is actually, you know, still dark and all that jazz. So I'm driving down the street, regailing my doting husband with a captivating story about a spider that crawled on my head yesterday while I was in the garage (and I didn't scream...) when suddenly I notice a raccoon crossing the street,(not at a crosswalk). So, slamming on the brakes, I missed him be inches... although my brak did this funny protest and so I thought I had hit him. But I didn't. But it was a little scary.

I am really looking forward to the next couple nights, since Malcolm and I are both off in the evenings. But them of course I don't really get to spend any significant amount of time with him until.... Thursday before work? Sunday? :P

I get to CSM my next two shift at work, so that will be a cool change. I did one CSM shift already and it was okay. I don't really like the babysitting, but I do enjoy having my own keys! lol

My sister has an interview today, and I really hope it goes will for her :) I know that she is fantastic, so I'm sure she'll do great.

Miss my 'rents. House is quiet when they aren't around... and I'm in charge of animals. Not bad, or hard, but I sometimes forget... (lucky Nikki was around yesterday, cause I lost track of time playing Zuma, and I didn't feed them. But Nik did, so it all turned out ok.)

Well, time to go eat lunch.

Love and Blessings,

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