Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hi!  So my family and I have been in Seattle for the last couple of days, the guys enjoying PAX and Mom and I shopping to our hearts content.  Today is the last day, and Mom and I are taking it easy.  Turns out that our hearts are pretty much content with 7 or so hours of shopping... and now we are ready for a restful day.  :) 
We are planning on leaving Seattle by 4pm, and have made a reservation on the 10pm ferry.  The guys are already off to finish up seeing all they wanted to see at the convention center, and Mom and I need to be check out by noon, so around 11 we'll start loading up the car.  Then, I don't really know what Mom and I will do...
I have really enjoyed being away and getting to spend so much time with my Mom, since we haven't really hung out in a while.  I got some good stuff for going back to school, including a Tink lunch bag from the disney store(for only 5 bucks!).
Well, that's really all I've got to say, I think. :)

Have a filled with awesome day!

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