Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to the races...

Well, as you can already see, I'm fantastic at keeping up with blogging.  Mostly I believe that there are too few interesting things that happen to me to warrant a blog about my life.  Nor am I a witty, socially conscious, politically interested, genius of any definition of the word.... so I really never really know what to write. (Also I have poor spelling and punctuation.)

But that is besides the point.... hmmm.... what to say today....

I guess that I should bring you up to speed on what it is that I'm doing with my time(other than waste it...)

I work at the customer service desk for a large retail store. I married my best friend, and man of my dreams about 3 months and 4 days ago, and I will be starting college in 6 days to take the Dental Office Receptionist course. (after not going to school since I graduated high school... 5? almost 6? years ago)  Mostly in what free time I have, I enjoy spending time with my family(Mom, Dad, older Brother and younger Sister) and husband doing whatever... Oh, and I read a bit too.  I was active in my church until recently(March/April of this year) doing many different things, over the many years I attended there... but lately have allowed my faith life to fall to the way side as I work on becoming (and continuing to become) a good wife, student and friend.  Most days I don't notice, but there are times, in the quiet, when my heart is allowed to speak that I miss the active involvement and work that I did  in our church community over the last couple of years, although it culminated in a bit of disillusionment with the Church as a working body...
Perhaps the reason I have lost any patience or faith in the people whom I serve through my Customer Service position is because I have lost some of that rooted-ness I had when my faith was a main focus. 
But whose to say it's not just that 4 years of being treated like a brainless article of trash at the hands of the customers businesses try so hard to please (no matter the cost(I don't mean financially)... in some cases) that has got me so disheartened with society as a whole.
But we will save that rant for another time, another post.... :)

At the moment I am hoping that leaving the front door and the bedroom window open will create a breeze that will in turn clear out the smell of moldy coffee and dog puke that has permeated my bedroom.  Gotta love it when dogs knock over a garbage, eat some of what was in there, spill stuff that was in there, then puke.  I know I do.  :)  Then in my attempt to make it better, I febreezed.... Bad Idea.  Now the smell is moldy coffee, puke and febreeze.... a trio that does nothing to compliment each other.  Oh well, lesson filed away for another day.

We leave(we being my family minus Sister, my husband and I) for Seattle on Friday and I am very excited to go.  The Boys have a thing... convention?... PAX... to go to and so Mom and I are gonna hit the shops, just us girls.  I am really looking forward to spending some Grown Up Girl Bonding Time with my Mother and to getting away for a bit before I start school.  Yay!  Now all I have to do is pack a bag, and live through tomorrow. :)

Well... I don't think this was a bad post... we'll see how well I can keep this up. haha.

God Bless.

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