Monday, November 9, 2009

Saviour Please

On Saturday my worship/study group got together to discuss the third chapter of the book that we are studying. Earlier that day my Dad had asked me if I had heard a song called "Saviour Please" by Josh Wilson. I didn't know until I heard it, and then I knew that I had been hearing it on the radio. Enough that I knew most of the words... But I had not actually thought about the words and the meaning before. The song then got stuck in my head. :) So Dad and I tried to do the song during the worship time Saturday night... We had not practised at all, neither of us was sure of the bridge and I had hastily put some slides together after dinner. But the song has stayed with me over the last day or so, so I thought I would take a moment to blog a little.

Firstly, here is the song...

The part that has stuck with me the most I think is the line in the chorus that says; "I can't do this alone, God I need you to hold onto me." It is almost as if my heart has turned that line into a mantra. Stuck on repeat, it is a prayer that is continuous.

One of the things we talked about in worship one night, is about how we tend to make God smaller than He is so that we can 'manage' Him. And then, when the times of trouble, fear, or doubt come we forget that God is big enough to hold us, and hold all that comes with us. God is infinite, beyond even the wildest imagination, beyond any words known or unknown. When we limit God, we may feel more comfortable, we may even think we've got it all under control but there will come a time when that control will slip, and we will falter. How can we understand the might, the grace, the love, the compassion, the justice of God if we have made Him only as small as we can take or understand?

God is infinite... If we allow ourselves to bask in that awesome bigness. Allow ourselves to remember that He is bigger than us and anything that might be happening to us, there is a deep peace there. The world is full of many tests, hardships, victories, and hurts. But with God as our grounding place, as our centre, as our partner the moments of trial will be lessend and the times of love and victory sweetened.

I can't do this alone, God I need you to hold onto me. Please continue to save me from myself. Remind me of your greatness, that I may never forget that you are bigger than any trouble I might find. Take my hand, and lead me on the path You have named mine. That I might be the light that points to You, so all may know Your love.

P.S. The book that we are reading together is "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan

P.P.S. I am totally stoked that I embedded my first video on this blog! (Aren't we getting hi-tech!) lol

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