Monday, May 4, 2009

Well so much for that idea

I meant to keep up the good work with 4 and 5 blogs in as many days... But then life decided to be interesting and give me no time to write.  I decided to spend time with my husband and family instead... I hope you will forgive me. lol

The fact that I have not had time to write does not mean that I have not thought about it.  In fact it seems that there are moments in the day when what I am experiencing sparks an idea for a post and I begin to compose in my head.  This happened just the other day when exiting Wal-Mart with my Mom.  It had begun to rain, no hard, but enough to begin to soak the ground.  Do you know that scent that comes when pavement is wet and the world is heavy with rain?  There is something about that smell that is both intoxicating and gross.  I love it and dislike it all at once, creating a confusion I cannot solve.  It seems to me that maybe it is merely the scent of rain that I find so intoxicating and the smell of wet pavement is what turns me off, but that rings false in my mind.  Maybe it is the grease and more that is on the pavement that lends to the wrong part of the smell.  But anyway, I was brought back to a time at Winter Session when in the dead of night, through the pouring rain my friend Nicole and I went for a walk.  To escape tension in the "house" and to talk through where we found ourselves in it.  One of the things I adore about Naramata is that at night it is dark.  There is no need for street lamps as everything is closed and so the street lamps are few.  It is a quiet and peaceful type of darkness, with the lake nearby and the orchards and village all around.  And so, in the quiet, peaceful, rainy dark, we walked and talked and got soaking wet.  It was a good time.  I used to love it when it rained at our place in View Royal.  The room that I shared with my sister until my brother moved out looked out over the garage roof.  The rain made a wonderful sound as it hit the roof.  I used to climb out the window and sit on the window sill smelling, and listening and drinking in the moment.  (That is until Mom put a screen over the  Sometimes I wold sneak downstairs and out the front door to sit.  But without fail you would find my window open.  Sometimes even in the dead of winter, at least for a little while.  If there is one thing I miss now that I  live on the main floor of a two storey home, it's the sound of the rain against the roof, and my perch on the sill overlooking the quiet complex.

Well I have to run, gotta drive my sis to class.

Be well.

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