Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm it! 25 things!

On Facebook I have been tagged a few times to do this "25 Things" post, so I finally did it... and I thought: "Hey! Why not kill two birds with one stone?" (that is a horrible analogy if you think about it.... so don't think about it.)  So I have posted it here so that a) I actually post here and maybe my sister will back off (lol j/k little sis) and b) because I'm not sure how the note thing works on Facebook and thought it would be... uhhh... safer(?) here.  So with no more delay:

Renée's 25 things:

1. I am a reformed pathological sock purchaser

2. I am a sucker for new gadgets, especially if they are adorable. (Who wants to buy me a $400 mini laptop?)

3. I timed out of my keyboarding class yesterday and I'm actually shocked.

4. I have been a strict believer in not trying too hard so that people don't expect too much from you... that was until I realized my ego is too large to let me do that...

5. I was on a very crazy journey of self-discovery over 2005 and 2006 continuing with my being part of the leadership team in my church. Then I got hurt..

6. Now I seem to be trying to be a different person... gone the (supposedly) sweet, kind and quiet Renée, and in her place a jaded, sharp-tongued harpy.

7. I am not entirely sure why my husband loves me, but I thank God everyday that he does.

8. I am a sentimental fool, and thus a horrendous pack-rat.

9. My house is in a constant state of dirty cluttered-ness.

10. Turns out that I Adore data entry...

11. I have a tendency not to study for tests, and then I usually do pretty okay and it seems to just feed the destructive cycle.

12. I Love to houla-hoop on the Wii Fit

13. I am really anti-social. So I am a horrible friend, for which I feel bad, but then do nothing about.

14. I really like that my family spends a lot of time together and I think my Parents rock.

15. Sometimes I miss my mouth with... well, anything. This is therefore referred to as "Pulling a Renée" in my family.

16. I am incredibly good at not finishing things I start.

17. I like to think of myself as creative. I have written songs and stories(not very good ones...) and I like to do crafty things(such as make cards with scrapbooking supplies)

18. I like saying inane things, and often will make up songs while in the van with my family about liking to eat cheese, or chicken, and how I love them all.

19. I may have a bit of a cute shoe obsession... I blame it on the fact that I can always find shoes to fit, while clothes shopping is my bane.

20. I have recently become a bit of a purse nut... I blame Nikki.

21. My husband is an enabler... usually, but he won't buy me a new cell phone that I don't need and only want cause it's adorable. lol

22. When I bought my macbook, I had them install cool video editing software. (For like $200 or something) I have never used it, and only watched the tutorial on HOW to use it about a month ago.

23. When I came home from Summer Staff in '06, we were moving and I went up to my old room and cried for all that had been.

24. When my Grandparents died I was sad more for my Mom, and for the fact that I will never know for sure if they loved me, because how can you love a stranger.

25. I am weird and a nerd, and am actually kinda proud of it.

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