Sunday, January 18, 2009

School, home, school...

The title of this post is pretty much what I have been doing since I last posted.  I have started my new(and last) term of school and have been settling back into the schedule.

I have also been trying to be a good little girl/wife by cleaning my house a bit.  I did do a bunch of cleaning in my kitchen (which is all undone again) and I got the new light fixture up in the kitchen too (okay, so I tried for an hour, then got so upset that I woke my husband and he finished the job... but I did the hard part of getting the old fixture down... uh huh.)  
I went through a bunch of old papers and keepsakes and hard-heartedly tossed the stuff I really didn't need to be saving. (For example my grade 8 Foods class binder.... yeah.)
I have done tons of cleaning in my front room too.  I can now actually see my dinning table (although admittedly the unfinished puzzle that is on it still keeps it from being used for meals...) and got a lot of recycling organized and out on recycling day.
And yet, even though I have done all of that, my house still looks like someone threw up junk all over it.  I am beginning to feel a little.......... umm......... depressed?  All of this cleaning and organizing and housework is really too much for a girl who has never been naturally good at the whole cleaning and organizing and housework thing.  :)  Is that a valid excuse?  My house is a shit hole because I am not naturally inclined to be clean or organized?  Probably not.
I also finally got around to staining the lovely bookcase/shelf that my Father-in-law gave me for my birthday... last year... for which we bought the stain shortly after receiving it... last year.  Of course that was earlier this week and it has been waiting for the second coat... lol.
So while I am feeling very accomplished I seem to only be able to see the other million things I still have to do. :)  Maybe that is a character flaw.  I prefer to think of it as a lovely quirk that makes me innately more lovable.  lol.
I do know that I will never really have to worry about my horrible ability to keep my house clean or organized as my husband is just as bad (if not worse.)  Therefore, anything I do will be wonderful, and more than we are used to anyway. (ahhh.... life is good) hahahahahahaha!

Well, the hour is getting late, and I have school in the morning.
Be well,
Laugh lots,
Love with all that you are,
And please vote for me as Queen of the World.


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