Friday, November 7, 2008



There is a fear in me, a longing.  This sits in my heart like a two sided coin, covered, obscuring their true faces, keeping me confused.

Huh?  What does that even mean?

Have you felt the lump?  The one that sits almost on top of your chest, as if to try to constrict your breathing or at least never let you forget it is there?

Perhaps that two sided coin is not what it seems?  Perhaps if uncovered I would discover an icosahedron, 20 sides laughing at me.

Did you wonder how your heart could be so full of light, love, happiness, but be near tears?

Have you ever seen Darkwing Duck?  It's funny.

Is laziness a disease to be fought?  A habit to be broken?  A quirk to be tolerated?

I like my red socks.

I don't type very well... and classes are simply frustrating me... but I'm trying.

My husband is the bestest ever, and I love him very much... even when he picks his computer over me.... lol

Pink is a good, solid, dependable colour.  With just enough daring to never be dull.

I want to spend money... buy things.... hmmm.... I wonder if that has a deeper meaning than consumerism and selfishness.

Happiness and contentment, satisfaction and coasting, hmmm.... do any of these build houses?

Nikki complains I don't post... I hope she likes this one.  I'm sure I'll figure out what it means.  Maybe I'll tell you when I know.  Or maybe not.