Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What has she been up to??

Wow, it certainly has been a fabulously long time since I wrote anything here. Funnily enough, it seems that my life practically come full circle since this time last year. My beautiful and clever Goddaughter has come back to town in, I think, a brilliant move by her Mother and I have the exciting job of looking after her again. have also been working at Michaels craft store since, soon after my last post, October.  I am finding my days busy but so far not unpleasantly so.  Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I have been spoiled rotten already by my fabulous family and get to continue to be since my entire family is coming out with me tomorrow to Karaoke!!! And that includes my non-singing, slightly anti-social husband. :) (He is soooooo sweet to me!!!!!)  I have some frustrations and decisions and troubles, but all in all am so incredibly blessed and that overshadows everything.

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